Sensual love songs.

I recently turned 40 and have found myself uttering phrases such ass “back in my day” and “all yuh young people don’t know what music is”.   So in the face of what passes for romantic songs these days I … Continue reading

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List of Chief Executives exiting since advent of PP Government

1.Kaisha Ince – National Infrastructure Development Company Limited


2.Capt. Ian Brunton – Caribbean Airlines Limited



3.Brigadier Peter Joseph Special AntiCrime Unit of Trinidad and Tobago

4.Ossley Francis – Land Settlement Agency

5.Paula Chester Cumberbatch – South West Regional Health Administration

Her Father was so distraught over the treatment meted out to his child, he had a stroke and succumbed shortly thereafter!

6.Clair Mitchell Dumas – National Entrepenuership Development Company

7.Cleveland Thomas- IGOVTT

8.Ronal Tsoi A Fatt – North Central Regional Health Administration

9.Agricultural Development Bank

a.Chief Executive Officer Jacqueline Rawlins sent on leave
b.Corporate Manager Credit – Monica Rogers sent on leave
c.Branch Manager- David Kuarsingh appointed Corporate Manager Credit
d.Corporate Secretary Laurell Lovell demoted
e.Risk Officer Sonia Flores appointed Corporate Secretary
f.Loan Officer Brandon Bainey appointed Executive Assistant to Chairman and defacto CEO
g.Corporate Manager Human Resource Sandra Maxwell sidelined. Chairman handling recruitment

10. National Petroleum

Chief Executive OFficer Richard Callender Fired, with 10 months left on his employment contract. Press reports quote Mr Callender as saying that NP would have to meet him in court.

Fired Former NP CEO Richard Callendar

Finance Manager Wendy Dwarika also Fired

Ms Dwarika was fired according to press reports due to excessive credit granted to a southern gas station.

Corporate Services Manager- Jessica James was suspended.

11. Government Human Resources Services Ltd

Chief Executive OFficer Glen Wilson contract was not renewed.


The following positions are being restructured

Chief Implementation OFficer – Bernard Mitchell

VP Investment Promotion – Wendy Fitzwilliam

General Manager ICT Implementation – Henry Kumar

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Every time I read the utterances of Nizam Mohammed, I begin to appreciate the dynamic that played out that faithful day, when two African Trinidadian Police Officers stopped the recently minted East Indian Chairman of the Police Service Commission.

The closest analogy I can come up with is , say you had a bad experience in a confined space and whenever you are in a confined space you begin to panic and behave irrationally. To every one around you, your behaviour appears to be not commensurate with the situation,. however in your mind it is.

So on that day, Mr Mohammed (who I remember reading of speaking very poetically about the beauty of an African woman’s hand that he knew) who deeply believes that members of his race are not represented in the Police Service. Who also thinks that East Indians should find it difficult to communicate with or trust  African Police Officers, responded correctly in his mind by calling the recently appointed white Chief of Police for assistance.

This Attorney, former politician and Speaker of the House of Representatives  during that traffic stop felt unsafe and persecuted by two African Officers who may not even completed Advanced Level studies. Because of what was in his mind.

The question begs to be asked, if Nizam Mohammed feels this way, how does Sudesh, the Labourer from Barrackpore feel?

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Bullars and burly police!

My intention was to go to Bohemia’s last lap and get on “wotless”.

I had been in the relative safety of my home for most of carnival 2011, fighting a constant, gnawing desire to shake my “cock bottom” sensually and violently for a sustained period, in full view of other people.

Carnival Tuesday night at 9 pm nature won over, I quickly showered, put on a pair of  jeans one size too small, an old t shirt,  older track shoes put two hundred dollars  into my pockets , got into my car and headed into Port of Spain.

I almost turned back at the Twin towers, the traffic slowed to crawl and it took me 40 minutes to get to the Colville Street exit onto Ariapiata Avenue.   It would have made no sense to turn back because the traffic was crawling East, as well.

The traffic cured me of my desires and I took the first parking spot on the pavement outside the Licencing Office on Wrightson, planning more to wait out the traffic than on shaking my ass in Bohemia and hopefully picking up a bed warmer, as I did last year.

I crossed Wrightson road, walked up Gatacre Street and headed west on Ariapita Avenue,  just before Murray Street I had to climb the pavement as there were barriers on the road to keep spectators away from the masqueraders. By the time I stumbled through the jumble of people and reached the corner of Murray and Ariapita, it was 10:30 pm and I stopped to catch my breath in front of one of the now ubiquitious Syrian gyro vendors. Only in the West Indies would Arabs be making a mint selling Greek food, mainly to Africans and East Indians!

I looked up to see a line of Police Officers,  wearing yellow t shirts with POLICE emblazoned in black across the front,  walking indian file up Murray Street. The drunken teenaged girl sitting with her group of friends on the pavement opined loudly “I wonder if they going to the gay place?”

From behind me the Proprietor of a roadside bar offered editorially, to no one in particular,  as he looked at the serious faced line of 20-25 officers wielding batons, some wearing latex gloves and others donning them “ they going to share real licks” and then again for everyone’s benefit “They going and share REAAL licks”.

Just at that time the head of the Indian file veered into Bohemia. The Girl in her drunken stupor shrieked “is they self they going”.  I remembered a few of the Police Officers looking ashen face and I thought to myself that they were probably hoping they don’t get recognized/outed.

It was over in a less than 3 minutes, the music ended and from my vantage point on the pavement,  I watched as a few Lawyers, a foreign Diplomat,  a Law Office Manager, a  Golfer, a  Reverend, an  IT Managers, a  Pricesmart Clerk and  other members of TT GAY community reluctantly leave Bohemia at 10 40 pm on Carnival Tuesday. One of the men was someone I had promised a “wotless”  wine,  inclusive of my touching my toe.

After the Police returned to their post at the corner of Ariapita and Murray,  I decided to linger at the corner, seems like a lot of other  folks from Bohemia had the same idea. So there was a virtual buffet of gay men and women loitering on lower Murray Street. There were butch dreadlocked lesbians, femme fatale lesbian, the stereotypical limp wristed gay boys and men parading in the latest fashion or skimpy costumes.  The islanders who treat Trinidad carnival like a gay pilgrimage and the buff gay boys.

So I guess it was no surprise then in the face of this marauding mob that the Ministry of Works truck filled with Police Officers flanked by SUVs filled with more Police, was desptatched 20 minutes later. They ran into Bohemia and banged their batons on the galvanise fence, creating a somewhat melodic percussive noice.  The result was a gay dispersal , out of Bohemia then down Murray and up Murray.

Again within 3 minutes it was over and the yellow shirted police with their rubber gloves got into their transport and headed up Murray Street. I would like to think that they were heading to stop another “illegal” gathering so as to ensure that the celebration of flesh ended at midnight.

So I did not get an opportunity to behave “wotless” and think I may make my own  pilgrimage to Bajan Carnival  later this year!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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